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Some love it; some don't. It's optional, though.

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Jupiter's retrograde will bring uncertain luck. But as long as you dare, you can't lose. If you succeed, awesome. If you don't, you get the adventure story.

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Aries March April Every five seconds a wave licks the cliffs. In a billion years there's a sandy beach there instead. Don't underestimate the power of soft but consistent force. Taurus April May Your choice of focus will make all of the difference. This will be reflected in your choice of topics. Stay away from rehashing old arguments, issues that have only two clear sides and problems that have no solutions.

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Gemini May June You see three to 10 options where the ordinary onlooker sees only one. The wonderful thing is that you get to feel more and experience more because of this. It comes at a price, though: The others may not understand you. Cancer June July Words are the resources you most need today -- the magic articles that make life easier and better. You'll need words that make something unpleasant sound pleasant.

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You'll also need words that are only understood by a select few. Leo July Aug. You'll find that you appreciate relationships more because you understand the problems people have and how they solve them.

The things that unfold today will add dimension to your understanding. Virgo Aug. What you read, view or listen to will matter. It won't define you, but it will influence you and what others think of you too. Choose your entertainment as carefully as you would choose a meal in an expensive restaurant. Libra Sept.

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Think the best of people. Maybe you'll be wrong sometimes, but it's a kinder way to be wrong. You won't feel bad about it later. If you think the worst and you're wrong, you'll have to stew in your own cynicism: How unpleasant. Scorpio Oct. Emotional pleasure is only one aspect of the enjoyment of a thing. The more you know about how it's put together, the more you appreciate it. Turn up the intellectual awareness and the pleasure gets turned up, too. Sagittarius Nov.

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Today you're like a lawyer whose duty it is to defend an innocent person. No matter how passionately you believe in the defendant's innocence, unless you can prove your case with sound evidence, your client will be sunk. Capricorn Dec. The times ahead will be rife with lucky misunderstandings, fortuitous mistakes and gloriously enjoyable inconveniences. Knowing this is true, you'll approach with an open mind. Aquarius Jan. As you look around today, you may decide that you're not like these people. But you do share a common dream, a common thread.

It's unspoken, and you probably won't speak of it anytime soon, but you'll live in it. Pisces Feb.

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You'll sharpen your critical thinking skills. This is an important part of becoming a more discriminating, articulate, intellectual and sensitive individual. Patience is the greatest virtue during the holidays. Experience will help you sharpen your judgment in financial matters. Your silent communication skills are uncanny. Mundane errands can wait.

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Daydreams will help your financial situation if you have the guts to act on your ideas. Detours will lead to beautiful surprises. So, here they are: Aries: Excitement, challenge and sex appeal. Taurus: Trustworthiness, sophistication and kindness. Gemini: Humor, optimism and education. Cancer: Loyalty, sensuality and a provider instinct. Leo: Generosity of spirit, listening skills and friendliness.

Virgo: Communication skills, work ethic and leadership qualities. Libra: Open-mindedness, social savvy and intrigue. Scorpio: Directness, joie de vivre and bravery. Sagittarius: Determination, adventurous spirit and high energy. Capricorn: Healthy outlook, team spirit and charm. Aquarius: Flirty personality, compassion and broad appeal.

Pisces: Winning style, competitive sense and sensitivity. Good luck in finding your soul mate. If you would like to write to Joyce Jillson, please go to www. To find out more about Joyce Jillson and read her past columns, visit the Creators Syndicate Web page at www. Copyright Joyce Jillson. All the essential, adorable and edible must haves from Tiendesitas Pet Village Shopping Guide November 12, - pm. Glutamax reveals technology behind glowing skin Fashion and Beauty November 12, - am. Wishing for a brand new car?