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One of the ultimate high-school dance and wedding songs, Lost Together is an emotional ballad about being lost in love. Try not to feel the feels at the crooning sentimentality of Blue Rodeo. We challenge you. This gritty rock tune by Toronto band Sloan originally from Halifax, N.

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Hopelessly catchy, Money City Maniacs hearkens back to sweaty hot days in the Toronto summer. Toronto ensemble band Broken Social Scene is special. This song is best sung drunk in a bar in Dublin at 2 a. Lightfoot has said in interviews the song came to him as he sat in a vacant Toronto house, as he was going through a divorce.

A beautiful tune, the song is inspired by the American south, and the lyrics refer to people the band members actually knew. Not a huge hit in the U. Seriously, go for a drive and throw this song on.

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Considering this is a debut single, Maestro Fresh-Wes, at the time struck gold right at the outset. He was the first Canadian rapper to perform a gold-record single, paving the way for our contemporary artists. One of four parts there are three other Neighbourhood songs on ensuing albums , this song encapsulates the band: an engaging rhythm, pleading vocals, lyrics about the past and that symphonic quality.

It also brought Avril Lavigne into our lives; her second single from her debut album following other hit Complicated , she showed us that yes, girls can perform harder music. Considering she was only 18 when this was released, you have to give her some props. It was also the best-selling single in the world in , and it won the Academy Award for Best Original Song.

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Despite the number of times you hear it, somehow it never gets old. She thought it was overwrought and schmaltzy. James Cameron reluctantly agreed to include it over the closing credits of the movie. The ultimate road-trip song, Life Is a Highway is a feel-good tune, and you can practically see the environs of Canada whizzing by as you listen. Scarborough, Ont.

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His latest album, Starboy , and the same-name title track were immediate hits in countries around the world. Lead singer Edwin, easy on the eyes and with tree-trunk arms, was the centrepiece. The band produced an original sound think grand rock styling coupled with hand drums and quirky lyrics, often singing about outer space and aliens. Happy Canada Day, everybody! Get a roundtrip of the most important and intriguing national stories delivered to your inbox ever weekday.

Want to discuss? Please read our Commenting Policy first. World Canada Local. Full Menu Search Menu. Close Local your local region National. Search Submit search Suggested Search. Dancing Queen for example goes really high. A great and easy Abba song is Mamma Mia. I love doing Karaoke. My other favorites I feel I do well are. These comments just support my thought:. It does change some with the locality and the era, but the point is have fun!

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I like big butts and I cannot lie… Reply. Lol Reply. Best list of all time thank you! Don McClean Reply. Lol, patsy cline is pretty much the first songs I ever sang Reply. I agree Reply. Me too Reply. Any song by Prince Reply. I would add Rio by Durran Durran. This is awesome thank you! Frequencies of the vowels. Comfort and understanding in times of need. Add the zodiac sign images to the picturebox. Gemini woman and capricorn man. As the partner in a gemini relationship, there number 1 country song on my birthday be times when you may feel unimportant. Jan 24, feb 11, Mundane astrology course xiii , brotherhood of light,