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Who better to represent the crab than Endora, the witchy mischievous meddling mother of Samantha. Hey, all her witchy heart wanted was for her daughter to be happy—even if that meant interfering in her marriage to Darren who, by the way, did not fulfill her high standards for her daughter. As the fair maiden of sorcery at Hogwarts. Like Virgo, Hermione is an extremely loyal and knowledgeable female counterpart to her best friends Harry and Ron. After not being invited to the christening of Princess Aurora, Maleficent creates a sinister plot to seek revenge on the royal family.


While all Scorpios may not be evil and revenge-seeking, Scorpios do sting those who trespass or hurt them with their venomous stringers, making the Maleficent tale relatable to their intense emotions. Queenie seeks out philosophical ways to help others change, evoking the power of worldly and forgiving educator Sagittarius.

Capricorn December January 19 : Ursula from The Little Mermaid Business witch Ursula makes Ariel sign a contract before granting her legs to walk the Earth in exchange for her beautiful singing voice. The Blair Witch is a spiritual being, much like enigmatic Pisces. Both Pisces and the Blair Witch strive to understand and relate to the outside world in mystical ways, using their inward powers to attack the outside forces who serve as a threat. The cell-salts of the human organism are now being prepared for use, while poisonous drugs are being discarded everywhere.

Kali phosphate is the especial birth salt for those born between March 21 and April Alcohol in all its deceptive forms is the arch foe to this life-seed and seeks by every means known to the enemy of man to destroy it. Alcohol cuts the capsule that holds the Esse born every month in Bethlehem.

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Alcohol eats the fruit of the tree of life. Gluttony is another enemy to regeneration. All excess of food, all that is not burnt up in the furnace the stomach and intestinal tract, all that is not properly digested, ferments and produces acid which develops alcohol.

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The furnace, stomach and digestive tract becomes a distillery when the surplus food ferments, and thus be- comes Babylon, the home of unclean birds and beasts which pander to carnal mind. Here we have the reason why sickness was considered Sin by the ancients. Here is the physiological explanation: When the Christed substance, the ointment from the river of Jordan, the oil in the spinal cord, reaches the pineal gland, it vibrates to a rate that causes new blood the new wine.

This is the blood of Christ that heals all infirmities. When the earthly man is controlled by the spiritual man the Lord God he ceases to eat of the fruit, that is, waste it.

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The Moon refers to the generative life. Twelve stars are the twelve functions, typified by twelve zodiacal signs, which she has mastered through physical regeneration. Hence God, the Creator, dwells in you. The cerebellum is his throne. The suture of the skull is the point where the bones meet. We can very easily see this place on the head of infants, as the sections are not then drawn closely together, and the vibrations of the brain can be both seen and felt.

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It is also the chimney of Santa Claus. Thus we see that Mother Nature has taken great pains to conceal this sacred center. Underneath this island, and directly in a line with the Optic Thalamus lies the Claustrum, but separated from it by yet three other bodies.

The claustrum is a thin sheet of isolated gray matter, found just medial to the Island of Reil. It terminates in the gray matter of the spinal cord, probably giving off collaterals to corresponding nuclei in the brain stem. And not only is there oil manufactured within this special laboratory of the brain, but there is actually an olive tree, which bears actual olives so named in any anatomy.

The two olives are two infinitesimal eminences on either side of the medulla, with the Pyramid between. They are one-half inch in length. It is found well developed only in the higher mammals.

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They are RELAY Santee stations between the cerebrum and the cerebellum and between the spinal cord and the cerebellum. Globules of oil are found in the vital fluid, the semen, and when the prodigal son has wasted his substance, he finds that it takes a long time to replace the deficiency and make good the looted bank account.

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In chemistry we find that sulphate of potassium is the mineral salt, which, uniting with sulphur and oxygen, manufactures the oil. We find that this salt also crystallizes out from the mother-liquors of sea water and salt springs. People born under the sign Virgo, if they have become deficient in this salt suffer from dryness of the skin, and baldness. We can also understand why draining of the vital fluid living in excesses, will also produce baldness. If there were no oil in the body, the skin would become harsh and dry.

The olives, which contain the oil, are the reservoirs the relay stations, of course, which furnish the oil for the lamp, the pineal gland, at the top of which is the flame or eye. Santa Claus is thus the giver of the supreme gift in the human body, the oil for the perpetual lamp the gold of Ophir, the quintessence of richness. Donations help us keep the site running, and every contribution is deeply appreciated. Thank you. Void of Course Moon Tables The Moon spends a day or two each month in each of the twelve signs of the zodiac.

Amos Seek him that maketh the seven stars and Orion, and turneth the shadow of death into the morning, and maketh the day dark with night: that calleth for the waters of the sea, and poureth them out upon the face of the earth: The LORD is his name. To those who object to linking chemistry with astrology, the writer has this to say : The Cosmic Law is not in the least disturbed by negative statements of the ignorant individual.

Auto-intoxication is common among those who overeat. Most everyone overeats. A total lack of oil in the body will, in itself, cause death. We do not use bothersome ads to support your readership.

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Please support us by making a purchase from our shop! Part 3: re Grand Cross In the natal charts above, see the giant red "X" or cross formed in the middle of each? Part 2: re: Grand Cross A Grand Cross occurs when at least four planetary b twitter. Follow HMajesty Saturn will backpedal into Scorpio again from June 14 until September 17 in , but after that he'll remain in Sagittarius until December 19, I guess with all of the hype of the book and the movie and the fact that many people in Ubud seem to be into this spiritual stuff, so tarot cards are trendy.

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